99 Problems (But Is This Drink One?)

99 Problems, But Is This Drink One? (Real Conversations about Alcohol Choices)

Everyone drinks, right? 


At least that’s how it feels on many college campuses.


"School is tough and sometimes I just need a way to relax." 

"Alcohol gives me that liquid courage I’ve always needed to meet a new special someone."

"My friends drink a lot more than me, so everyone just needs to back off." 

Had any of these thoughts?


College students continue to engage in some of the most high-risk drinking activities in society. But what if drinking is not the problem? What if instead of focusing on how bad drinking is, there was a way to have real, authentic, honest conversations about how to take care of ourselves and others when alcohol is involved? 


99 Problems is designed to engage students in dialogue around alcohol, choices, and the intersection between them. 


Outcomes: Audience members will critically examine their drinking behavior; identify ways to decrease negative consequences associated with alcohol use; evaluate self-care and friendship responsibilities associated with drinking; develop strategies for making smart choices when consuming alcohol.

Meet Our Facilitator

Billy Boulden is fueled by caffeine. With a dabble in corporate America and more than ten years experience in higher education, Billy brings a fun, energetic, positive spin to every encounter. He believes that leadership works best when the heart and the mind are on the same team. When not developing a new idea or program, you can find him playing with his two labs, coaching Crossfit classes, or volunteering for his fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi.

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