ForCollegeForLife is a team of speakers and consultants providing the leading voice for America’s colleges and universities.  We serve campuses and organizations through impactful and practical educational keynotes, workshops, retreats and staff developments.  Each member of our team brings significant expertise in their particular field.
We strive to help students, staff and administrators succeed in college and beyond.
When choosing speakers for your educational programming, you want to work with an agency that understands the realities of Higher Education and delivers the highest standards of relevance, professionalism and integrity.  You want to work with good people who speak regularly to college students and support your campus or department's mission.
You want all-inclusive pricing, contracts that make sense, and phone calls and emails that are returned quickly. You want speakers who are reliable, deliver meaningful messages, interact well with your campus professionals, and leave students feeling empowered.
For those reasons, ForCollegeForLife is your best choice for college and university speakers. Whether you're looking for a keynote for a large auditorium program, an inspirational message for a student conference, or a facilitator for a group retreat, ForCollegeForLife delivers high quality and a team you can trust.
Our speakers are committed to giving you what you need. If that means two keynotes in an evening or a breakout in addition to a keynote - no problem! Let us help you figure out the right speaker to fit your needs, even if that means something completely out of the ordinary.  
We put you first.
Our carefully curated group of speakers is committed to making your experience enjoyable and hassle-free. In fact, we offer an industry-leading guarantee: 

Casey J. Cornelius, CEO, launched ForCollegeForLife in 2014 after spending more than a decade in higher education as a faculty member, advisor, and student affairs professional. Click here to email Casey directly or call him at (888) 552-3235 x3.

Bonny Shade, Partner and Chief Culture Officer, has spent her career as a campus-based higher education professional and speaker. Her main focus with ForCollegeForLife is ensuring alignment between our company values and our work with key stakeholders. Click here to email Bonny directly or call her at (888) 552-3235 x2.

T.J. Sullivan, Partner and Chief Strategist, has spent more than two decades revolutionizing the professional college speaking industry. He now works with clients and partners to ensure everything runs perfectly when working with the FCFL team. Click here to email T.J. directly or call him at (888) 552-3235 x1.
Megan DeArmit, Director of Marketing, works to align and elevate the FCFL brand on social media and in electronic/print campaigns. Prior to taking on this role, Megan had internships in our branding department and at CNN. Click here to email Megan directly. 
We will deliver a professional and relevant program, as promised, or you won't pay.  
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