ForCollegeForLife at AFLV Central

Want to know where to find your favorite ForCollegeForLife speaker at #AFLVCentral? Check out our program

schedule below; remember to stop by our spot in the Exhibit Hall to meet and have some fun with our team!



You Can Do Better Than Mandatory T.J. Sullivan White River G (9:00-10:15PM) ***New Program Alert***

Ladies, Let's Drop the F-Bomb Tina VanSteenbergen ICC127 (9:00-10:15PM)

What Does Hiding Letters Have To Do With Empowering Women? Bonny Shade 309/310 (9:00-10:15PM)

The Balancing Act: Mental Health, Self Care, & Our Students Annalise Sinclair 314 (9:00-10:15PM) 


It Ain't About You, Boo! Tina VanSteenbergen ICC125 (10:45-11:45AM)  ***New Program Alert***

Motivating the Middle T.J. Sullivan White River J (10:45-11:45AM)

Sold on Sisterhood Annalise Sinclair 209 (10:45-11:45AM) 

Taking a Stand: A New Way to Have the Sexual Assault Conversation Bonny Shade White River F (2:30-3:45PM) ***GAME CHANGER SESSION***

Be The Man: A Movement for Healthy Masculinity Casey J. Cornelius ICC127 (2:30-3:45PM)

(IM)Perfect: Learning to Love Your Flaws Annalise Sinclair 314 (2:30-3:45PM) 

Be Fierce, Be Bold, Be Sisters: Confidence is a Team Sport Tina VanSteenbergen ICC126 (4:15-5:30PM)  ***New Program Alert***



More Than a Feeling: Leading With Empathy Tina VanSteenbergen 304/305 (2:20-3:35PM)  

She Belongs Here! Bonny Shade 309/310 (4:00-5:15PM) ***New Program Alert***

Bridging The Gap: Strengthening Relations Between Culturally-Based Orgs & Professional Staff Billy Boulden 102 (4:00-5:15PM) 

Educating New Members The Right Way Tina VanSteenbergen ICC126 (4:00-5:15PM)  

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