Want to know where to find your favorite ForCollegeForLife speaker at #AFLVCentral? Check out our program schedule below; remember to stop by our spot in the Exhibit Hall (Booth #8) to meet and have some fun with our team!



Wings N Things: Building Community One Step at a Time Bonny Shade (9:00-10:15PM) White River A

You Want Me To Do What? Chop Wood, Carry Water? Billy Boulden  (9:00-10:15PM) 312


Imperfect Ally: Building a Mindset and Culture of Care Casey J. Cornelius (10:45-11:45AM) White River G

How Are You? Friendship, Tough Conversations, and Mental Health Annalise Sinclair  (10:45-11:45AM) White River H

Against All Odds: Resilience for Individual and Community Success Summer Owens (10:45-11:45AM) White River J

You Can't Have it All: How to Have "Balance" in College Jessica Gendron Williams  (2:30-3:45PM) White River H

Mandatory Alcohol Education and Other Favorite Programs Billy Boulden  (2:30-3:45PM) White River A

Stigma, Shame, and Victim Blame Bonny Shade (4:15-5:30PM) 309/310



It's Still A Man's World ***GAME CHANGER*** Jessica Gendron Williams  (10:45-11:45AM) White River E

She Belongs Here! Bonny Shade (10:45-11:45AM) White River H

Be The Man: A Movement for Healthy Masculinity Casey J. Cornelius (10:45-11:45AM) White River C

Recruit Them, Then Keep Them Curt Herzog  (2:30-3:45PM) White River B

One Semester In: Is the hard alcohol ban working? How do we know? Archie Messersmith-Bunting  (2:30-3:45PM) 102

Ladies, BOSS UP: Worthiness, Confidence, and YOU! Bonny Shade  (4:00-5:15PM) 302/303

How to Do Your Job and Still Have Friends: IFC Standards Board Training Archie Messersmith-Bunting  (4:00-5:15PM) White River A

Greek Unity, Not My Chapter, and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves Annalise Sinclair  (4:00-5:15PM) 309/310

Secrets of a Headhunter: How to Get Your Resume Noticed Jessica Gendron Williams  (4:00-5:15PM) ICC126

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