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Greek Unity, Not My Chapter, and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

Fraternity and Sorority Life tends to get a bad rap.


From newsfeeds to newspaper pages and images on television media outlets, we are portrayed as being filled with hazing, alcohol abuse, sexual assault, and plain stupidity. Too often our members believe "that stuff" will never happen to us, or worse, it will only happen to another chapter or organization! This leads to a false sense of invincibility and poor decision making.


By exploring the myths (and realities) surrounding fraternities and sororities in Greek Unity, Not My Chapter, and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves, Annalise Sinclair opens the door for honest conversation regarding the future of our Greek communities and how individual members can impact on our organizations in a positive way.  Annalise challenges audiences to move beyond the stereotypes, myths, and assumptions and work to change the image for us all.


Learning Outcomes: Audience members will critically reflect on the popular perceptions of Fraternity/Sorority Life in mainstream media; Identify how these perceptions influence action and inaction on the part of members; Develop strategies associated creating a better public image and better-aligning action with organizational values.


Ideal Audiences: Fraternity/Sorority Life, Recruitment, Council Training


Formats: Keynote (1 Hour), Workshop (3 Hours), or Retreat (Half- or Full-Day)

Sold On Sisterhood

You’ve aced recruitment and brought in some amazing new members! Now what? Welcoming new members into our organizations often comes with promises of friendship and fun; however, we often overlook the stress and anxiety that may come with such a major commitment. From navigating the responsibilities of membership to navigating the politics of big-little selection, new members can quickly become overwhelmed. By focusing on ways to create welcoming spaces for new members to be open and honest about their needs, chapters can help new members develop resiliency that will last them throughout the ups and downs of fraternal membership. In this program, Annalise will challenge members to intentionally focus on supporting the mental health and wellness of new members, so that our organizations are safer and successful for all members.


Learning Outcomes: Audiences will explore ways to incorporate mental health education into their New Member Education programs. Audiences will evaluate how the New Member Education process can impact the well-being of our members in order to determine best practices for setting New Members up to be successful Members.


Ideal Audiences: Sorority Life, FSL Programming, Mental Health Awareness


Formats: Keynote (One Hour)

How Are You? Friendship, Tough Conversations, and Mental Health

Every day, we are asked “how are you?” by strangers and friends, alike.


It is easy to mindlessly go through this simple exchange of pleasantries, but what happens when we are not "fine" or "good"? Fear of rejection from loved ones or the shame of not being able to handle things on our own can cause us to bottle up our emotions - depression, anxiety, pain - to keep them hidden from the people that care about us most.


For many, this can leave us feeling isolated and alone in our time of need. By exploring the ways that authenticity and personal wellness connect, Annalise opens the door for honest conversations about how we support our members during times of crisis. With this peer-to-peer intervention, our brotherhoods and sisterhoods grow stronger as our members feel a deeper sense of connection to each other.


Learning Outcomes: Audience members will explore ways in which they present themselves to the world; Identify how external forces (peers, social media, etc.) influence perceptions of ourselves; Develop strategies associated with vulnerability, helping and their interrelationship; Create actionable next-steps to begin to develop deeper connections.


Ideal Audiences: Mental Health Awareness, Wellness

Formats: Keynote (1 Hour) or Workshop (3 Hours)

Curiosity, Courage and Cake: Surviving Mental Illness Through Sisterhood

One week after accepting her sorority bid, Annalise Sinclair was diagnosed with a life-changing mental illness.  She quickly discovered that sisterhood is sometimes the best therapy; she later realized that by learning to be curious about ourselves and finding the courage to share our stories with others, we can allow deep, meaningful relationships to develop.  This strength allows us to take on any challenge including the ones which feel the most personal.  In Courage, Curiosity, and Cake, Annalise will help students discover how…


…a little bit of curiosity can change your entire life,


…a whole lot of courage is necessary to take on your dreams,


…and there is nothing that can’t be made a little bit better with cake!


Learning Outcomes: Audiences will be introduced to key concepts of mental illness, survival, and the importance of sisterhood; Identify ways for individuals to assess areas of concern; Develop strategies for seeking help and supporting members through their journey. 


Ideal Audiences: Sorority Life, FSL Programming, Mental Health Awareness


Formats: Keynote (One Hour)

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