Be The Man

Be The Man: A Movement for Healthy Masculinity

America is worried about college men. They point to issues of poor conduct, declining academic success and a lack of positive male role models and use words like problematic, dangerous, and toxic to describe behavior.


The problem has been identified; now is time for a movement toward a solution!


Casey J. Cornelius has emerged as a leading national voice on the topic of healthy masculinity.  His signature program, Be The Man, works to engage men in a meaningful dialogue about these issues and propose a path toward a healthier form of manhood.  After seeing campuses and organizations grapple with persistent concerns and daily headlines, Casey decided to act.


The program (keynote, workshop or retreat) addresses four main topics:


Current Issues (Where We Are)

Socialization of Masculinity (How We Got Here)

Relationships (Who Matters)

The "Be The Man" Challenge (Where Can We Go)

Campuses and organizations across the nation have worked with Casey to create environments and experiences to better engage men. Be The Man is the beginning of a discussion and Casey is ready to lead it.

What Are People Saying?


"Being a majority-male institution, we had been looking to start the conversation of being better men for some time. When (this program) was introduced we leaped at the opportunity to bring Casey to campus. His program brought fraternities, athletes, and general male students (and female allies) into the conversation about why we need better men on campuses and how to start the improvement process."  Scott Irlbacher, Robert Morris University


"Casey’s program was amazing. He was able to engage over 100 IFC fraternity men on the topic of masculinity and how to confront dangerous behaviors in an effective and memorable way. Casey’s fraternity experience and passion were effective and enlightening for our community. Hands down a great experience."  Santiago Gayton, Grand Valley State University


"(Be The Man) allows young men to break the walls of awkwardness and talk about issues we all face. Being able to understand how we influence one another in even the smallest of ways can create an interfraternal culture capable of positive change." Alex Champagne, Iowa State University


"When talking about campus safety, we have to start thinking outside the box. Casey Cornelius doesn't only think outside the box, he questions the point of a box. Bringing Casey to our campus was a way to show that we are paying attention to what students need, and that we are doing something about it. Bringing Casey to your campus is a proactive move." Ricci Cole, Eastern Michigan University


"Casey truly resonated with our IFC! Not only was it engaging but it allowed these young men to reflect on their own masculinity, combat dangerous behaviors and live more authentic lives. The program is a must-see for campuses across the country." Erika Perry, Grand Valley State University


Ideal Audiences: Men’s Development groups; Fraternity groups; Athletics; First Year Experience


Formats: Keynote, Workshop (3 hour) and/or Retreat

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