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about Casey

Casey J. Cornelius is a leading national voice on the topics of personal development and healthy masculinity. A proud fraternity man and member of his chapter’s Hall of Fame, Casey travels the country helping organizations and individuals maximize their greatest potential. He serves as a "SpokesMo" (their word, not his) for the November Foundation and was recognized by NASPA this year with their Innovative Initiative Award for his signature program Be The Man.


Born in Cincinnati, he holds a Bachelors, two Masters degrees and a 4.0 in his doctoral studies despite once being advised “college isn’t for everyone.” He now resides in Michigan with his wife and daughter and in his spare time is a dedicated practitioner in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Be The Man: A Movement for Healthy Masculinity


America is worried about young men. They point to issues of poor conduct, declining academic success, and a lack of positive male role models and use words like problematic, dangerous, and toxic to describe behavior.


The problem has been identified; now is time for a movement toward a solution!


Casey J. Cornelius is recognized as the leading voice on the topic of healthy masculinity for college men.  His signature program, Be The Man, works to engage audiences in a meaningful dialogue about these issues and proposes a path toward a healthier form of manhood.  After seeing campuses and organizations grapple with persistent concerns and daily headlines, Casey decided to act.


The program (keynote, workshop or retreat) addresses four main topics:


  • Current issues (where we are)

  • Socialization of masculinity (how we got here)

  • Performance of masculinity (how we act/interact)

  • The "Be The Man" Challenge (where we can go)


Campuses and organizations across the nation have worked with Casey to create environments and experiences to better engage men. Be The Man is the beginning of a discussion and Casey is ready to lead it.

Learning Outcomes

Audience members will...
  • Investigate current issues facing college men
  • Identify how their relationships with others and themselves are impacted by the stigma of the “bad man”
  • Consider how their daily choices influence other’s perceptions
  • Develop strategies to positively challenge other men to be better
Ideal Audiences
  • Men’s Development Groups
  • Fraternities
  • Athletes
  • First Year Experience

  • Keynote
  • Workshop
  • Retreat
  • Virtual

Imperfect Ally


“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”


The world needs more allies, so why aren’t more people stepping forward to serve this important role? Casey J. Cornelius, a recognized leader on personal and organizational development, believes too often we are limited by our fear of not being good enough, perfect enough, to help others.


We must get past the idea that we have to be a perfect in order to be an ally.


In his newest ground-breaking program, Imperfect Ally, he challenges individuals and groups to use their power and voice to help those who need it most even if it means doing so imperfectly. Leaning on principles of social psychology, including the concept of social distance, Casey demonstrates how we can effectively identify and mitigate our biases through purposeful daily choices.


The goal of this program is to break down perceived barriers and also develop the type of mindset and group culture that allows allyship to flourish. Through storytelling and relevant examples, Casey will show how this is actualized using the acronym CARE: concern, awareness, respect, and empathy. 


Audiences will be challenged to consider two central questions:


What can I do to be a better ally for those who need me?

What can I do to help build and empower others to be allies?


The answers to these have never been more important.  

Learning Outcomes

Audience members will...
  • Develop an understanding of allyship as it relates to daily actions
  • Consider how bias and perceptions of distance limit our ability to help others
  • Explore how concepts of concern, awareness, respect, and empathy allow us to be better allies
  • Accept that the “perfect ally” is an impossible goal and that mistakes and missteps are essential for growth
Ideal Audiences
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Diversity and Inclusion Programming
  • First Year Experience
  • Keynote
  • Workshop

Every Day Greek


We have all seen the headlines which paint fraternity and sorority life in the worst possible way.  We cringe when we read articles and hope our organizations aren't named. We know big changes need to be made but sometimes feel unsure how to start.

Casey Cornelius is a fraternity man and advocate for the transformative and lifelong impact of our organizations.  He has also seen the tone and tide of national coverage cause members to "go silent" and dissociate themselves from their groups.

In this program Casey shares how he defends and champions membership in Greek-letter organizations and how audience members can as well.  Our membership cannot only be meaningful to us on Thursday nights or during chapter meetings; instead Casey argues that we should develop ways to positively convey the experiences we have to those on campus and in our communities.

Learning Outcomes

Audience members will...
  • Consider some of the most commonly held views of fraternity/sorority
  • Determine how to challenge these assumptions with alternative, positive messages
  • Develop strategies to foster positive fraternal experiences to promote recruitment, retention and lifelong membership
Ideal Audiences
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life

  • New Member Programming

  • Greek Week

  • Recruitment Training

  • Keynote
  • Workshop

Leader by Choice


What is the difference between those who achieve their goals and those who fall short?


Why does making massive changes in our lives feel so daunting?   


So daunting, in fact, we often never even start? 


Leader by Choice explores the intricate relationship between our goals, habits, and the way in which we maximize our full potential.  Casey suggests the best ways to build momentum toward reaching your desired destination is to make small steps, choices, every day.  He calls this a process of incremental success and shows how it is essential to achieving great success.   


Through insightful, passionate, and often-humorous story-telling, Casey weaves a message which inspires audiences to act.  Some of the topics discussed include: perspective, love, resilience, and selfishness, among others.  


“How much closer to your goals would you be if you made one better choice each day?”


***Pair this program with Casey's workshop on visionary leadership, From Here to There

Learning Outcomes

Audience members will...
  • Evaluate their leadership goals and the factors most-likely to derail their success]
  • Explore the relationship between choices, habits, and goals
  • Identify how daily choices impact the likelihood of short- and long-term success
  • Commit to purposeful, daily action to achieve their goals
Ideal Audiences
  • Leadership Training/Organizations 

  • Residence Associations

  • Student Government

  • Keynote
  • Workshop
  • Virtual
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