ForCollegeForLife at CCWL

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Just Another Assault Bonny Shade (10:15) ***SPOTLIGHT SERIES***

Better Friends, Better Sisters, Better Women Tina VanSteenbergen  (10:15AM) 

Greek Unity, Not My Chapter, and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves Annalise Sinclair (10:15AM

Motivating the Middle T.J. Sullivan (2:00PM)

New Chapter, Same Page: IMPACT Odell Bizzell (2:00PM

Hippos and Hammers: Enterprise Facilitation and Chapter Advisors T.J. Sullivan (3:15PM)

Shut Up, You're Not Fat! Tina VanSteenbergen (3:15PM)



More Than a Feeling: Leading With Empathy Tina VanSteenbergen  (9:00AM)  

Ladies Drop The F Bomb Tina VanSteenbergen  (10:15AM)  

I Can't Believe They Said That?!? 4 Things You Should Do When Someone Says Something Horrible 

Odell Bizzell (10:15AM

Ladies, BOSS UP! Bonny Shade (10:30AM

It Ain't About You Boo! Tina VanSteenbergen  (2:00PM) ***New Program Alert***

Keeping The Dream Alive: 4 Ways To Live Out Dr. King's Dream Through Sorority Life Odell Bizzell (2:00PM

Wings and Things Bonny Shade (2:00PM

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