Dan Faill


  • Alcohol and Consent

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Leadership and Failure

about Dan

Dan Faill was born and raised on the east coast, where he attended University of North Carolina at Wilmington. After college, Dan traveled internationally as a consultant and ended up attending graduate school at the University of the Pacific in northern California.  


For over 15 years Dan worked on college campuses advocating for safe and positive student experiences. He served most of those years as the fraternity/sorority advisor at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, and then serving as Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life at Elon University in his home state of North Carolina.  


Having missed the sun and shore of Los Angeles, Dan moved back and worked for the UCLA Alumni Association before making the decision to follow his passions of becoming a full-time speaker and coach in 2018. Now Dan engages audiences in hard but needed conversations, making the uncomfortable more relatable. He shares personal stories that engage and inspire others to address impostor syndrome in order to be their authentic selves and be brave enough to have the conversations that matter. 

A Night to Forget: The Intersection of Alcohol and Consent

Some nights we feel invincible; we go out to have fun, party, and live carefree and without consequence. But what happens when we wake up and don’t remember the night before?

In this signature program Dan Faill shares his powerful lived experience of engaging in such a night and becoming what he never imagined being: a sexual assault survivor. He does so to make it easier for audiences to talk about the relationship between alcohol, sex, and conversations about consent and sexual boundaries. 

Learning Outcomes

Audience members will...
  • Discuss common issues related to the intersections of alcohol, consent, and healthy sexual relationships

  • Consider how to prevent sexual assault by way of intervention strategies and conversations around those intersections

  • Explore the lived experiences of a sexual assault survivor

Ideal Audiences
  • Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention

  • Fraternity and Sorority Life

  • First Year/New Student Orientation

  • Keynote (75 minutes)
  • In-Person or Virtual

Stop Believing the Lie: The Self-Talk of Impostor Syndrome


Ever felt out of place? 

Ever felt like you don’t belong? 

Are you certain everyone is going to discover you aren’t qualified for the leadership position you hold?


Yeah, Dan has too. And he's ready to talk about it!


It turns out you and Dan aren’t alone. In a recent study, more than 70% of Americans reported these same feelings. This phenomenon is known as Impostor Syndrome and, while it impacts most of us, we have a hard time admitting it to others, much less ourselves.

That’s where this program comes in; Dan Faill works to engage audiences on the issue of Impostor Syndrome but also its underlying causes. He believes that we need to address the lies we tell ourselves and replace them with positive self-talk in order to become better students, leaders, and human beings. 

Learning Outcomes

Audience members will...
  • Consider the “big lies” we tell ourselves

  • Explore how these negative self-beliefs limit our potential

  • Develop healthier self-talk in order to combat and overcome feelings of Impostor Syndrome

Ideal Audiences
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life

  • Leadership Development

  • First Year/New Student Orientation

  • Keynote (60 minutes)
  • In-Person or Virtual 

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