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Racial Awareness

Critical Dialogue

Social Identity

The Easiest Conversation on Race

Is it ever easy to discuss race?


What if we said it can be? 


Dar Mayweather’s "Easiest Conversation On Race" guides participants toward a deeper, more-universal knowledge base of race and its application to individuals and groups within today’s society. We all live with a racial identity, at the same time, most use outdated concepts and definitions of race. Through open dialogue, participants are able to develop greater awareness, appreciation, and respect for others and create more inclusive communities on campus. This program can be customized for all levels and will support those struggling to open meaningful racial conversations or those currently developing strategies around complex racial issues. 


Learning Outcomes: Participants will collectively define concepts central to racial identity, including race, ethnicity, racism, etc.; Identify examples of racial awareness in their personal experiences; Explore the complexities of race and associated issues in American society; Dialogue within groups to develop greater awareness.


Ideal Audiences: Diversity/Inclusion Training, First Year Experience, Leadership Development, Residence Life, Multi-Ethnic Student Organizations, Professional Staff Development 


Formats: Workshop (3 hours), Half- or Full-Day Retreat

Only Yes! = Consent

Why is it so awkward to talk about consent?


Consent should be fun, but we've made it taboo to talk about doing it right. Not talking about it only contributes to rape culture. One of the greatest tools we have to prevent dating and sexual violence is discussing safe and healthy consent. In this thought-provoking, interactive session, Dar Mayweather introduces a simple, yet powerful concept: Only Yes! = Consent.  Through the lens of videos and large-group dialogue, Dar will provide audience members the tools to begin creating a healthy and open lens to think and talk about dating, sexual relationships, and boundaries. By following this one core rule, individuals and groups can promote healthier and safer campus cultures.  


Learning Outcomes: Audience members will define consent and explore situations where consent is and is not given; Understand the importance of bystander intervention and how they can intervene to reduce harm to others; Discuss safe and healthy ways to gaining consent; Explore dialogue appropriate to the topic of consent, non-consent, and healthy sexual relationships. 


Ideal Audiences: First Year Experience, Residence Life, Multi-Ethnic Student Organizations


Formats: Workshop (3 hours), Half- or Full-Day Retreat


(Note: this program can be delivered to gender-inclusive or male-only audiences.) 

I Am Many: Exploring Experiences Within Social Identity

In society, we individually and collectively have a rich amount of diversity in our identities. In this program, focused on personal exploration, we find the beauty of how interconnected our experiences are.  


Dar guides audiences along a thought-provoking and insightful analysis of individual stories and how they each contribute to the larger overall narrative of us as a people. Through reflection and discovery, participants engage in a process of deeper and more meaningful understanding.   


Learning Outcomes: Participants will explore social identity as it relates to individuals and groups; Reflect on and observe how each of us experiences social identity; Increase awareness of feeling about and responses to these experiences.  


Ideal Audiences: Diversity/Inclusion Training, First Year Experience, Leadership Development, Residence Life


Formats: Keynote (60 minutes) or Workshop (3 hours)

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