Driven 2 Collaborate

Driven 2 Collaborate

Why do some groups consistently succeed while others get stuck in a rut? Why do some groups run like a well-oiled machine while others get bogged down in dysfunction?


Driven2Collaborate is a new "solutions retreat" from ForCollegeForLife, perfect for campus groups that need help communicating, planning, and putting goals into action. This highly-interactive, half-day program, will help your team deal with issues such as:

-Building a culture of caring within your team

-Knowing when to lead and when to be an effective follower

-Identifying positive contributions as a non-leader

-Effective communication strategies

-Assessing individual strengths, and putting them to work for the team

-Creating ownership in the group's goals

-Making sure all members of a team feel valued

Our facilitators will work with you to determine your most important priorities, then develop a customized program around the best practices of solid, successful teams. This is perfect for student organization executive boards, collaborative councils, student governments and senates, professional staff, residence life, large student groups, alumni boards, and more.  Whether your team is 5 or 50, we can get them talking and finding common ground.

To begin a discussion of how our facilitators can help get your team moving in a positive direction, give us a call.  We will put you in touch with a facilitator for an initial, no-obligation consultation. From there, we will develop a proposal designed specifically for your team.

Meet Our Facilitators

Nick DeStefano is a husband, father, and brother striving for perpetual awesomeness. When not presenting on service excellence and leadership at Coastal Carolina University, you can find him working out with friends at his local CrossFit gym or cheering on his beloved Baltimore Orioles.


Jodi Jabs is a fun, energetic, student affairs professional.  A graduate of the University of Wisconsin River-Falls, Jodi's favorite word is "pizzazz" who is a proud member and volunteer for Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority.  When not spending countless hours finishing her doctoral studies, Jodi is an avid Minnesota Twins fan.  


Amber Jolly is a first-generation college graduate who brings thoughtful and compassionate perspective to her work along with a healthy dose of energy and spunk.  A student affairs professional at Winthrop University, she also serves on the National Leadership Team of her sorority, Kappa Delta.  She spends her spare time with Greer, her mini schnauzer.  


Taylor Phoumivong (Poo-me-vohng) is a student affairs professional at the University of Oklahoma who is roughly 80% heart and 20% Starbucks coffee.  Specializing in results, Taylor believes that life is about the graceful execution of Plan B.  He is a proud member of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity.  

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