Jay Harris

Reroute: An Indirect Path to Your Greatest Dreams

Jay Harris is living his childhood dream; anchoring one of the most popular television programs in history and providing color and context to the greatest stories and highlights of the 21st century is how he spends most mornings. His professional journey has brought him into the homes of millions as the host of SportsCenter, Outside the Lines, NFL Live, Baseball Tonight, and others. He is at the very pinnacle of his field.  

But the path to get here hasn’t always been easy.

In his signature program, Reroute, Jay shares with you his personal and professional journey from a student leader and fraternity man at Old Dominion University to Emmy Award-winning journalist at ESPN.  Along the way, he discovered every great dream is achieved through a series of starts, stops, steps, and missteps. The message of this program will resonate with all students but is particularly important for new students who are beginning to explore their educational and career path.   

Learning Outcomes: Audiences will learn important undergraduate and career lessons from a highly-respected professional journalist. Audience members will explore the concepts of planning and resiliency as it relates to goal attainment; consider how the path to their career goal will likely be nonlinear; begin to develop a mindset of “rerouting” as it relates to the path from where they are to where they wish to be.


Ideal Audiences: Distinguished Speaker Series, New Student Orientation, First Year Experience, Athletics, Fraternity and Sorority Life


Format Keynote

Because of Fraternity

We have all heard the cliché that “fraternity changed my life," but for Jay Harris, it really did.


In his signature program, Because of Fraternity, he recounts how his membership in a fraternal organization was essential to his success. From the sorority scholarship he got when he became an undergrad to his chapter brother giving him his first job in journalism, Jay knows fraternity has made a difference in his journey. In this thoughtful program, highlighted by Jay's humor and wit, he not only recounts how his life has been bettered by fraternity but also encourages and challenges current members to see how their experiences are influenced and impacted by all those who wear letters.


Because of Fraternity also culminates with a challenge for current members to recognize their responsibility to leave their chapters and organizations safe for future generation.  

Learning Outcomes: Audiences will learn about the role of fraternal organizations on life and career of one of America's top journalists; reflect on how membership comes with privileges and opportunities; explore the role of being your "brother's keeper" and how it is actualized in daily choices. 


Ideal Audiences: Fraternity and Sorority Life, Greek Week Programming


Format Keynote (30-60 Minutes)

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