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about Jenna

Jenna Huff was born and raised in a small town of Richfield, North Carolina, population 600. She jokes that she is related to half the people in the town. (It can’t really be a joke if it is true, right?) 


While in high school she was a five-sport athlete and devoted a majority of her time to success in competition. A story of her tremendous sportsmanship went viral and earned Jenna several awards/recognitions including the Russel Blunt “Be A Good Sport” Award presented by the Durham Sports Club, Spirit of Sport Award and Heart of Champion Award both presented by the North Carolina Athletic Association, and the Jack Kelly Fair Play Award presented by United States Olympic Committee. In addition to her athletic achievements, Jenna was active in the North Carolina pageant scene promoting her platform of sportsmanship.


A graduate of Appalachian State University, Jenna received her Bachelor of Science in Public Relations while minoring in Leadership. While attending Appalachian State University she was involved with Sigma Kappa Sorority, student orientation, student TED Talk speaker, Miss America Organization, and Girls on the Run. Immediately after graduation, Jenna started working for Sigma Kappa Sorority as a traveling Leadership Consultant. During her two years of travel, she was able to visit more than 50 universities in 19 states. This opportunity allowed her to gain her passion for values-based recruitment and to encourage women to understand what they are truly capable of.


The Myth of the Perfect Fit


We are really good at giving the right answers. 

We have heard all the lines before during recruitment season; how much we do for our philanthropy, how much we LOVE each other, and how membership is all about “what you want to get out of it.”

Why can’t we just be honest? Why can’t we tell women how much of a commitment membership really is? Why can’t we just focus on friendship?

Why can’t we just prove what sisterhood really is and can be?

Jenna has spent years working with sorority women to help break down stereotypes in order to help develop authentic relationships. She knows that sisterhood, at its core, is about more than smiles and glitter. In this hard-hitting program, she challenges women to see the bonds of sisterhood for all its potential

It’s time to be better than the scripted answers we’ve all memorized.

This program is ideal for sisterhood or pre-recruitment events, for Panhellenic communities or single chapters.

It’s time to prove it.

Learning Outcomes

Audience members will...
  • Identify the ways we limit sisterhood through the recruitment process
  • Reflect on habits that produce faux membership
  • Consider how the concept of “busy” limits true bonding
  • Develop strategies for how organizations and members can prove who and what they are
Ideal Audiences
  • Sorority  (Sisterhood or Pre-Recruitment)
  • Keynote
  • Workshop

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