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Awkward Leadership
Awkward Leadership

Sometimes, leadership is just…awkward.


Whether you’re a Resident Advisor writing up your best friend or you’re a Fraternity/Sorority officer telling your friend they can’t go to formal until they pay their dues, there are moments when leading your peers just gets messy.  Awkward Leadership is a program that embraces the uncomfortable moments in leadership.


Kevin calls upon his theatre roots, and love of the show Who’s Line is it Anyway? to facilitate some improvisational games to help students practice navigating conflict and confrontation situations.  In the process, he coaches participants on how to communicate more effectively and with greater levels of confidence. 


Learning Outcomes: Participants will engage in a process of better-understanding leadership and its “messy” outcomes; Identify potential areas of conflict associated with the role of student leadership; Develop strategies to move from messy-to-neat to enhance leadership effectiveness; Practice scenarios student leaders are likely to encounter in their role.


Ideal Audiences: Leadership Development Training, Student Government, Fraternity/Sorority Life, Residence Life


Formats: Keynote, Workshop (Three hours), Retreat (Half- or Full-Day)

Game Changer Moments

Have you heard a sports announcer refer to a player as a “game changer”? 


They are talking about someone who forces the other team to adjust their plan simply by being on the field. Kevin Reynolds wants to enable you and your peers to be game changers on your campus and in life. This program introduces audiences to ways in which they can act in situations to help prevent violence and de-escalate crisis situations. 


Bystander Intervention is an easy idea to get behind during a mandatory Title IX training or required Risk Management seminar, but having the confidence to actualize those concepts at 2AM on a Friday night is much harder.  Kevin’s goal is to equip students to be able to stand up with confidence and know the room they are in is safer because they are in it, no matter the time or place.


Learning Outcomes: Understand key concepts of bystander intervention and risk-reduction as they apply to topics of sexual violence, bullying, substance abuse, etc.; Identify ways for individuals to confidently intercede when presented with risky behaviors;  Develop strategies in which individuals and groups can identify, address and change risky or dangerous behaviors.


Ideal Audiences: Orientation, First Year Experience, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Residence Life, Risk Management, Title IX training


Formats: Keynote (One hour), Workshop (Three hours), Retreat (Half, Full, or Multiple Days)

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