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Awesome Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership

Embracing Challenges

Living Awesomely

Learning to define leadership as serving and impacting others is the simplest way to start chasing the awesome life. Leadership shouldn't be a selfish pursuit; Nick challenges traditional views of development programs by training students to put others first. The focus of this program is not the acquisition of skills for leaders; instead, it is the application of leadership skills for all. This is living the awesome life.

Learning Outcomes: Audiences will conceptualize service as a model of effective leadership; recognize their influence as leaders to positively affect their group; develop tangible strategies to infuse servant leadership in daily practice. 


Ideal Audiences:  Student Leadership Development, Fraternity and Sorority Life. Student Government.

Formats: Keynote (60 minutes) or Workshop (3 hours)

Embracing the Suck: Learning to Love What's Not So Awesome

We all have days, weeks, and sometimes interactions that are just NOT awesome. Nick knows the value of understanding why you are awesome, but he also sees the value in sharing how he learned to appreciate struggle and emerge a better leader. This program offers real and honest stories of his failures, the growth that resulted, and how you can apply this to your own journey.


Learning Outcomes: Audiences will be challenged to embrace struggles as learning opportunities; begin to develop a growth mindset when facing difficulties; and construct strategies to turn personal failures into victories. 


Ideal Audiences: First Year Experience, Student Leadership Development, Student Government.

Formats: Keynote (60 minutes) or Workshop (3 hours)

Why You Are Awesome: Describing Your Leadership Brand

Student leaders across the world are involved in a multitude of amazing leadership experiences and activities. Nick was one of these students; he graduated and then bombed his first interviews. He was a student leader involved in it all and couldn’t tell you why it impacted his future. It wasn’t until Nick sat on the other side of the interview table that he realized student leaders don’t know how to describe their impact.  He has made it his mission to empower students in the pursuit of developing their leadership vision and sharing it with others.

Learning Outcomes: Audiences will reflect upon, develop, and confidently share their leadership vision; will explore techniques for communicating purpose and reasons for their leadership actions; will prepare a method to describe the relationship between their leadership vision, style, and brand.


Ideal Audiences: Leadership Development, Student Government, Student Staff Development, Residence Life Staff.


Formats: Keynote (60 minutes) or Workshop (3 hours)

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