Odell Bizzell II

Refuse to Lose: Four Ways to Become a Guaranteed Student Success Story 

Diversity & Inclusion

First Year Success


Ask a room full of new students if they want to be successful and every hand will rise in agreement. It is a universal goal, but what differentiates those who achieve success and those who don't?


What if there were strategies to ensure students could actualize their goals through meaningful, deliberate practice?


Students faces challenges and obstacles both at home and in school, and in his most-popular program, Odell helps students to overcome them in pursuit of their potential. Through humorous and impactful storytelling,  Odell shares his story of academic success and how he was able to use one simple exercise to create his future as a young adult.


Learning Outcomes: Audience members will explore the broad topic of student success and how it applies to their individual goals; Actualize a universal strategy to achieve academic success; Consider the alignment of personal passion and purpose; Develop practical strategies to move forward confidently toward big, lifelong goals. 


Ideal Audiences: Orientation, First Year Experience, Leadership Development


Format: Keynote or Workshop

IMPACT: Six Ways to Exhibit Leadership

Student leaders want to leave a legacy; they see themselves as being able to positively improve the trajectory of their campus and community. But many get lost in the grind of what it means to be a truly transformational leader.

That's where Odell can help.

Do you want your students leaders to be energized about leadership? Do you want them to combat apathy and produce positive energy in the student body? Odell has worked with campus leaders across the nation to produce meaningful, long-lasting change. In this signature program he breaks down the word IMPACT into six specific strategies leaders can use now and into the future. 


Learning Outcomes: Audience members will examine the connection between inspiration and overcoming apathy; Develop strategies to maintain motivation even when things seem boring or mundane; Explore specific types of courage leaders need to have; Be able to deploy three specific actions to make a positive impact on campus.


Ideal Audiences: Leadership Development


Format: Keynote or Workshop

The Talk: A Diversity/Inclusion Conversation that Must Be Had

All students have to deal with diversity which can often be very difficult and problematic. Odell's signature program the topic of inclusion works to breakdown barriers that often limit us from truly connecting with one another.


How do we make diversity relevant and actionable in a world where everyone spews their opinions on social media?


This conversation is a high energy, engaging, and interactive discussion that helps students navigate through the banter and issues on their timelines. What Odell offers is an actionable plan to be more diversity minded. 

Learning Outcomes: Audience members will explore the relationship between empathy and social responsibility; Consider how to respond positively to those with opposing views; Develop community on campus to champion worthwhile causes; Begin to understand how to facilitate important conversations with peers through the lens of diversity, inclusion and mutual respect. 


Ideal Audiences: Leadership Development


Format: Keynote or Workshop

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