Want to know where to find your favorite ForCollegeForLife speaker at SGLA? Check out our program schedule below; remember to stop by our spot in the Exhibit Hall to meet and have some fun with our team!


Panhellenic Leadership Track  Jessica Gendron Williams  (10:00AM-5:45PM) Westin East Places


Because of Fraternity  Jay Harris  (8:00-9:00AM) Westin Ballroom A/B ***KEYNOTE SPEAKER***

When It Hurts to Take a Shower: How Depression Can Take Over Your Life  Archie Messersmith-Bunting  (10:00-11:00AM) Westin Tuxedo

IMPACT: 6 Ways to Leave a Legacy & Influence Your Greek Organization's Destiny  Odell Bizzell  (10:00-11:00AM) Westin Buckhead Ballroom 2

Be The Man: A Movement for Healthy Masculinity  Casey J. Cornelius  (11:15AM-12:15PM) Westin Peachtree

Just Another Assault  Bonny Shade  (1:45-2:45PM) Westin Ballroom C ***FEATURED SPEAKER***

I Got You: Building a Culture and Capacity of CARE  Casey J. Cornelius and Odell Bizzell  (1:45-2:45PM) Westin Buckhead Ballroom 1

How To Do Your Job and Still Have Friends: IFC Standard's Board Training  Archie Messersmith-Bunting  (1:45-2:45PM) Westin Tuxedo

Bros, Blow, and Bourbon: An Honest Conversation about Fraternity Men and Addiction  Archie Messersmith-Bunting  (3:00-4:00PM) Westin Tuxedo

Hustle 'Till You Don't Have to Introduce Yourself! Bonny Shade  (4:15-5:15PM) Westin Ballroom D

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