Sharon Bui


Women's Empowerment


"College Broke" to Six Figures

Faced with another huge bill for recruitment clothing, Sharon Bui became frustrated!  How could the apparel worn by her and her sisters throughout the week be so expensive and unflattering? 


From frustration came an idea; partnering with a long-time friend, Sharon set out to fill a need for sorority members and, in the process, created a movement.  The concept of her company, Frill, was one thing; how to execute it successfully and start with only $350 dollars in her bank account was quite another.  This signature program details the humble beginnings of a dream which led Sharon to business success,  being featured on the hit TV programs Shark Tank and Beyond the Tank, and building her dream. Learn how you can follow your idea on a path of success.  Sharon’s story inspires the student entrepreneur, leader, and dreamer.  


Outcomes: Audience members will be introduced to Sharon’s story, extraordinary vision, and tenacious passion for business success; Identify entrepreneurial and leadership factors associated with her ability to accomplish tremendous goals; Analyze the external and internal motivations which have led to Sharon’s growth of Frill; Understand how any student can go from "college broke" to building a business of their dreams.  


Ideal Audiences: Business/Entrepreneurship Organizations, Leadership Development, Sorority Life

Format: Keynote (One hour)

Build Your Empire: Navigating Obstacles on Your Path to Success

There are many women's empowerment programs out there – motivating young women to aim high and chase their dreams. Rightfully, women are being told to take chances, assert their value, and create their own opportunities. But, how many speakers deliver that message with a healthy helping of reality? Young women need to be prepared for the obstacles and frustrations that stand in the way of their dreams.


Sometimes, even the most motivated young professionals get knocked off their feet.


Not yet 30, Sharon Bui has learned many of the most challenging lessons surrounding the path to success.  She has built a company, gained national exposure on a hit television show, sold a company, and dealt with a lot of self-doubt on her journey to professional fulfillment.  She empowers women to invest in their own resilience so they are able to face similar lessons and emerge with confidence.


"You have to drive value in every area of your life," Sharon says. "Even when things seem impossible, we have to move forward, knowing that lessons exist on the other side of every risk we take. Sometimes the path is messy." 


Outcomes: Audience members will explore strategies to build confidence and resilience; understand  the power of empathetic leadership; discover how to turn campus leadership experiences into lessons that will help them navigate the challenges that lie beyond graduation. 


Ideal Audiences: Women's Leadership, Business/Entrepreneurship Organizations, Leadership Development, Sorority Life

Format: Keynote (One hour)

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