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ForCollegeForLife is dedicated to delivering programs which are practical, relevant, and impactful.  We know that, all too often, campuses and organizations fall into similar patterns and problems.  Our solutions retreats are here to help you get "unstuck" and moving forward.  

No Glory in the Grind: Re-Finding Your Sense of Direction Before Burnout


Leaders start with the best of intentions. They have big plans, have made big promises, and want to leave a legacy. 

Too often the goals of great leaders get lost in the burnout of the position, life, and the struggle of aligning the two.


No Glory in the Grind is a transformative program where participants are challenged to explore the power of intentional reset and reflection as a creative outlet for redefining personal and professional vision. Through understanding the power of reset and reflection, participants will be invited to confront their own barrier admiration in recognizing and addressing issues within themselves and their organizations.


In understanding why personal and organizational issues are often not addressed, participants will then be taught key emotional intelligence skills in identifying when times of reset and reflection are needed to redefine their personal and organizational visions of success.

This program is designed to be delivered in a 3-6 hour format for less than 50 particiapnts.

Learning Outcomes

Audience members will...
  • Critically examine their leadership framework and how the "Do It All" mindset is problematic
  • Explore the concept of the "intentional reset" in order to maximize leadership effectiveness 
  • Develop strategies for leadership self-care
Meet Our Facilitators
Dr. Jodi Jabs is a fun, energetic, pizzazzy student affairs professional.  She is passionate about making change and being a resource to those she encounters. She works at High Point University, North Carolina as the Director of Campus Engagement and Student Activities. Fun fact: Jodi is an avid Minnesota Twins fan!
Amber Jolly is a first-generation college graduate who brings thoughtful and compassionate perspective to her work along with a healthy dose of energy and spunk.  A student affairs professional at Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina. She spends her spare time with Greer, her mini schnauzer.  
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