Thaddeus Bullard

How Can I Not?

Thaddeus Bullard is seen on television weekly by millions. As WWE Superstar Titus O'Neil, he presents an image of success, living a "worldwide" lifestyle. The type of life most of us can only imagine.


But Thaddeus didn't start with success as a likely outcome. His mother had him at 12 years old. The product of rape, he was assumed to be headed for a life of failure as just another "bad kid." But, as a young boy, a mentor uttered eight words that changed his life forever:


"I love you, and I believe in you."


In his inspiring program, Thaddeus shares how this one sentence changed his trajectory and how he has used it to fuel his desire to do good in the world. Despite his hectic schedule, Thaddeus deliberately makes time to personally contribute to bettering the lives of others. 


"How can I not?" he asks.


Audiences will leave wondering, "How can I not?"

Thaddeus is a compelling speaker for those events (convocations, conferences, new student orientation, etc.) needing an inspiring message.

Learning Outcomes: Audiences will learn how a superstar, professional athlete, and entertainer overcame tremendous obstacles to attain elite success; explore ways in which his path can guide their efforts to achieve goals; and begin to develop a mindset of resiliency, charity, and inclusion.


Ideal Audiences: Distinguished Speaker Series, New Student Orientation, First Year Experience, Athletics, Fraternity and Sorority Life


Format Keynote (45-60 minutes)

Multiplying Force: Massive Success through Transformational Leadership

To be worldwide, you must see the world larger than yourself. 


Thaddeus Bullard, also known as WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil, knows true leadership isn’t transactional, but transformational. In his signature program, Multiplying Force, he shares his personal journey of overcoming tremendous obstacles, achieving elite success, and working tirelessly to better the lives of others through philanthropy. 


A former college athlete and student government vice president, he is able to speak to leaders in ways which are practical and authentic. 


This program equips leaders, regardless of their position, to recognize ways of amplifying their efforts, bringing about meaningful change to their team, community, and even world. Thaddeus delivers a message which resonates with audiences because it is authentic and reflects the life he lives and the work he does. 


In a society filled with quick fixes and hollow words, Multiplying Force inspires action and challenges us all to see ourselves as the positive impact we can be for others. 

Learning Outcomes: Audiences will explore how transformational leadership is possible through unifying efforts; consider how personal goals can sometimes limit team success; begin to develop strategies to achieve more based on collaboration and inclusion. 


Ideal Audiences: Leadership Development, Athletics, Fraternity and Sorority Life


Format Keynote (30-60 Minutes)

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