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One Night a Pledge

Kordel Davis’ path was on a certain trajectory. A former high school athlete, he arrived at college with enthusiasm for what would surely be a great four years. He joined the “model fraternity” on campus and imagined lifelong bonds of brotherhood which would provide him with a network of friends on Penn State’s massive campus.


During his new member experience, Kordel endured mental and physical hazing. Daily “chores” forced him to be at specific places and perform tedious tasks at the direction of active brothers. More intense hazing experiences followed, physical challenges and forced drinking, one leaving a scar on his forehead. This remains as a permanent reminder of his ordeal. But, he made it through the new member process becoming an active brother in 2016. 


He couldn’t know that his life was about to be defined by another’s death.


In February, 2017 America learned of a hazing death at Penn State University. Like Kordel, that new member joined PSU’s Beta Theta Pi chapter. Tragically, his life ended just 48 hours into his journey. Kordel’s life intersected with his on the night of the pledge's death as he attempted to intervene and save him; police would later call his efforts those of a “Good Samaritan” but, sadly, they were ignored. 


One Night a Pledge is both parts a raw, revealing first-hand account of one of the nation’s highest profile hazing deaths, but also the reflection of Kordel’s personal hazing story. It asks an important question for communities of care, what happens when bystander intervention doesn’t work? Ultimately, Kordel calls on members to return to a culture of humanity to prevent tragedy. 


Kordel didn’t choose this mission, but he is ready to take on the most-complex and persistent issue plaguing fraternity life today. 


ForCollegeForLife will donate a portion of proceeds from each appearance by Kordel Davis to organizations fighting to end hazing in fraternities and sororities.

Learning Outcomes

Audience members will...
  • Consider the hazing experiences of two members; one who survived and one who did not
  • Reflect on the physical and mental impact of hazing in organizations 
  • Consider limitations to bystander intervention strategies
  • Analyze how hazing is the end-result of a lack of humanity amongst members
Ideal Audiences
  • Hazing Prevention
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Keynote

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